Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Istanbul Diaries

Hi dolls... I've been a bit busy but I'm back in London now so decided to share my Istanbul diaries. I did not have time to take proper pictures but I managed to get one or two from my cab lol. I even got on the metro and had to take a picture!!!

If you have low esteem, Istanbul will definitely give you a boost of confidence. The men are just hilarious, you can be walking on the streets and get compliments from random guys. Most of them can't speak English so it makes it funnier when they compliment you.

As soon as I arrived, my cabbie actually stopped to get gas and he came back with a cornetto ice-cream. The Nigerian girl in me was like hope this one isn't trying to jazz me before I wake up in one alley but the other side of me just said 'go with it'...