Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Istanbul diaries part 2!!!

Hi dolls,

I've been a bit busy but had to share the rest of my Istanbul trip with you all.

I spent four days in Turkey working but the whole experience was awesome. I had a few shows to attend that I had been invited to plus meetings with suppliers so it was a busy trip.

Back to my men + dogs story... I thought the men were funny with the whole 'you are so pretty' speech (even though english isn't their first language) but some of the women were just as bad.

At least the guys could only talk but the women touched. I like your hair (touch), I like your top (touch), Pretty (touch)... I found it hilarious!!!

One thing I love about Turks is how caring they can be. I got fed quite a few times and can now say a few Turkish words *proud face*

öper... xxx

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