Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Men + Dogs

Hi dolls... So if we are all dogs, Turkish men can make a bull dog feel like a Lhasa.

If you need a boost after a break up or just a boost, Istanbul is the 'GO TO' place.

As soon as I landed, the first taxi guy started the whole 'you are so pretty' speech and I'm like (in my head of course) I don't have any make up, I just got here and I'm too tired for this!!! 

I was about to walk into my hotel and some random dude started whistling (at this point all I'm thinking of is a warm bath and cosy bed). Lady what is your name? Where are you from?? *ignore*

This story will continue tomorrow..... Trust me it will lol

Just wanted to say hi!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Looooooool...... looking forward to it