Saturday, 14 March 2015

Food Chronicles: Ayamase

Hello dolls... If you are into spicy food then you would love this post. My aunt once made Ayamase (I think that is the spelling lol) and I had never tasted anything like it before. 

There are different methods of making this dish but my method has to be one of the easiest!!!

The best part about cooking this dish is you don't have a lot of cutting or chopping to do. You also have a lot of free time to do other things while cooking.


Green Peppers (Bell pepper)

Scotch Bonnet (small pepper)

Palm Oil


Meat (lamb, oxtail)
Spices (thyme, parsley, mixed herbs, ginger, white pepper, curry)
Iru (not compulsory)


4 Green peppers
8 Scotch Bonnet
1 cooking spoon of Palm Oil (I don't use a lot of oil to cook)
10 small pieces of Lamb
6 small pieces of Oxtail
I big bulb of Onion


After washing the meat, I put it in a pot, added some chopped onions and scotch bonnet then spiced it with maggi, curry, white pepper, thyme, ginger, added water and left it to cook.

While the meat was boiling, I blended the green bell peppers with onions, scotch bonnet and a bit of water to help the mixture blend easily.

I bleached some palm oil in a pot. To bleach palm oil, you leave it on the burner for at least 2 minutes or till the redness of the oil disappears. It gets really smokey so it is advisable to always remove the pot once in a while to reduce the smoke. 

Added some chopped onions to the oil and the blended green pepper mix when the onions were cooked.

When the meat was done, I took out the stock then fried the meat for a few minutes to give it a golden brown look.

I added the left over stock to the cooked mixture, reduced the heat, then added little seasoning (curry, thyme, white pepper, maggi and a pinch of salt). At this point the mixture should have darkened, if you are using Iru, you should add it at this point. I didn't use Iru because I don't like the smell or taste.

Then I added my fried meat and allowed it to simmer for a while on low heat.


Ayamase can be served with rice, a lot of people prefer ofada rice but I used basmati rice.

Remember Ayamase is a spicy dish. Have a glass of water on standby!!!

Have an amazing weekend.

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