Sunday, 5 July 2015

Dajana and Stavros's Wedding (Part 2) - Surprise Day Out

Hi dolls... After partying really hard the night before, we had to be up bright and early for the Surprise Day Out. Luckily the sun woke me up 30 mins before we had to get the coach.

I literally swallowed a quick breakfast to subdue the hangover I could feel coming and ran with my other friends to get the coach. We got there on time and only when the coach started moving did we realize we were missing two people.... Drama begins!!!
As we got to the end of the road, we saw them running down *whew* they made it and we were finally complete. We were on the coach for almost an hour driving to the surprise destination but time flies when you are taking selfies lol.

We got to this beautiful harbor and I thought ah, we are having breakfast here but we walked past all the restaurants and got onboard a boat.

With the bride.. My dress is from Indigo Boutique

Can you see the snorkeling equipments behind me??

If you know me very well, you would know I'm not too big on surprises. When Dajana said Jibby dress for the beach, I just wore a bikini for the fun of it. 

I do not need to lay in the sun due to my natural tan and I have very limited swimming skills lol I can only glide, swim backwards, breast stroke, in short everything but float. 

So the minute I saw the snorkeling gear I'm like s**t I'm staying on this boat till I sight land lol. The boat ride took about 30 mins before we finally dropped the hook in the middle of the ocean but close to another beach (I'm sure there is a word for it).

I had already decided to stay on the boat when Stavros's mum came to get me. She said 'Jibby, we didn't plan this surprise for you to stay on the boat so get in the water with everyone else'. I'm like Mrs Santis I cannot swim and she said grab a life jacket or floater. That had me laughing so hard.

Bikini: Primark
Corsage: Indigo Boutique

I calculated my distance from the boat to the beach and decided to swim till I could stand, hoping the shallow part of the sea was close by. I jumped in, swam like my life depended on it (well it did) and after what seemed like years of my life had passed, I could finally stand.

I don't know why I can't float for the life of me. My friends came to meet join me and we all chilled on the beach. Then people started swimming to the beach and there was no one left in the water. We took pictures (will share when they are out) and then to my horror, we had to go back to the boat. 

We took off to another beach for lunch. 

I'm a meatarian lol

The meal was definitely on my top 10 best food list. I'm surprised we could get up after all thatfood. We walked down to the beach to our cabanas to rest a bit. Music, fruits, games, halloumi and more drinks completed the day.

Couldn't have said it better!!!

I cannot wait to share the next post!!!

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