Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Carmen and Matt's wedding: What I wore!!

Hi dolls... Quick post share my outfit details for my friend Carmen's wedding. Saying goodbye to summer is always hard, the waether was a bit chilly so I had to be covered up but still serve a little bit of sexy without being trashy.

Normally I work with the color code when attending weddings but I didn't plan any color this time  because there was no color code for the wedding but I figured since it was Autumn, a dark shade would be appropriate.

Funny story, I thought I would have time to shop for barely there silver sandals to wear with this dress because it was missing that oomph and needed a bit of sprucing up.
I packed back up shoes just in case but with all the drama before I travelled, I forgot to pack a purse. I only realized when I was repacking for Germany then figured I might as well wear my back up shoes seeing as I had the perfect earring to stand out.

Dress: JW
Shoes: Gucci
Ring: YSL Arty
Purse: Louis Vuitton
Earrings: Indigo Boutique 

A big thank you to my Charlemou for all the amazing pictures from Germany. My trip would not have been half as fun!!!

More pictures loading.


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