Monday, 14 September 2015

Wurst und Käse

Hi dolls... Last week I went to Germany for the first time for my friend's wedding. It's just a different experience and if you love old cities and architecture, you would love Bremen and Oldenburg.

Trying to get a Schengen visa, in short any visa, in Nigeria is a task. I remeber when I applied for a Cypriot visa, even though I'm a last girl, they almost made it a nightmare but luckily, I got my visa on time.

The German embassy had no appointments online which gave me an instant headache but after much research, I learnt that as a frequent flyer, you do not need an appointment, you just have to get to the embassy before 7.00am. The first time I got there at 6.30am on a Friday, joined the queue and patiently waited. After letting in the first five frequent flyers on the queue, we were informed that they were only taking in five people for that day due to the high volume of applications.

Trust the Nigerian in me to wait and ask never ending questions but the security guy was a tough one. He didn't even budge, he kept answering me and advised me to come early on the next working day. I had less than 3 weeks till the wedding so I was already panicking because it take 14 working days to process the visa.

I woke up at 4am on Monday, ready with my mosquito repellent and what not. Joined the queue but again no luck as they were only able to admit four people without appointment and I was number six. I was determined so instead of wasting time asking questions or looking for a window of opportunity to get in, I left immediately to recoup.

On Tuesday, I was number six again. I was hoping that they had room to accommodate six people so I waited patiently. As soon as the security man resumed work, he announced that they were only going to accommodate five frequent flyers. I had just about had it when the lady in front of me realized she forgot her passport. It's actually sad to say I was so happy and couldn't even contain my excitement. Don't judge me, if you were in my shoes you would have been dancing shakitibobo too!!!

I should be a visa consultant lol.

So that's the story of my German embassy adventure.

Top and Jeans: MAJU
Bag: Gucci
Sunnies: Dior 

Espadrilles: Chanel

Interesting fountain

So European

Off to Oldenburg

More pictures coming soon!!!

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