Thursday, 14 January 2016

Mix and Match

Hi dolls... I'm throwing this post way back to the first Sunday of 2016 lol. I remember waking up that morning in panic because I had nothing to wear in my mind. 

I quickly had a shower, did my make up and started the search of the perfect first Sunday of the year outfit. I had almost given up and was about to throw on a dress when I spotted this top I've had for over seven years but I've never worn.

Like anyone in panic mode, I put the blouse on thinking I could throw on a plain skirt but decided to wear a trad outfit. I took the top off, went to my closet to hunt for a trad outfit when I found the outfit I wore for my sister's wedding.
So I quickly grabbed the wrapper and the discarded top, went to my mum to get a matching head piece which just happened to be aso oke (I've never tied that fabric before) and all I can say now is thank God it all turned out nice.

Tying aso oke is a bit different from gele. A quick lesson from youtube in less than five minutes, I am proud to say a lot of people loved the end product.

Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Bag: Shop in Dubai
Top: Shop in London

Sometimes you don't have to buy a new item for every occasion, you just have to search your closet with determination and you will be surprised with the pieces you come you come up with!!!

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