Sunday, 3 April 2016

Feeling blue

Hi dolls... I've been a bit under weather. One of my good friend says this happens every festive period and I'm starting to see her point. It might also be the stress of driving from the Mainland to the Island everyday, traffic and what not!!!

Recently, I've been playing with the idea of getting my own place on the island. Trust African parents, aunties, siblings etc to preach about how a girl should only move out of her parents house when she is getting married. I find that statement hilarious not only because it seems unfair (I lived in London alone for years without any issues) but also because it sounds like they expect you to be dependent on them forever.

An 18 year old abroad can move out of their parents house, start their life, and be independent but in Nigeria, a 35 year old unmarried woman will be looked down on if she leaves her parents house (I'm not 35 lol).  I went to university abroad, passed with flying colors, managed to stay away from drugs, didn't get pregnant, got a good job at some point yet I am getting lectured because I want to be a bit more independent.
Anyway back to my post... I came across the brand Dapmod on Instagram, Dodos (beauty/style blogger) had a pair of their sunnies on and I fell in lust immediately. All their sunnies are the same price or you can buy 3 and get 1 free.

The brand recently opened their flagship store in the same mall where Indigo is and my snapchat has not been the same lol!!! 

Dress and choker: Indigo Boutique
Shoes: YSL
Sunnies: Dapmod

Hope everyone had an amazing Easter.

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